Rules of Minigolf :


Rules of Minigolf

Aim of the game

Minigolf is a skill game similar to golf for several players whose aim is to introduce the ball in the hole of each course having the lowest number of strokes.

On minigolf of, the winner is the player (or pair) that gets more points. The less strokes and the less time used to end a course, the highest the scoring is.

How to play minigolf

Each player has a golf club and a ball of the same color, placed randomly at the beginning of the course.

If a ball touches the ground outside the course, the stroke is cancelled and the ball returns to the position it was before the stroke.

When the first player finishes the course, the other players have a time limit to finish it. That time depends on the length of each course and the “extra time per course” defined on the table options (see below).

The round finishes when all the players manage to reach the hole or when the time finishes. At the end of each round the number of strokes and the time spent by each player are shown, besides the points scored.

Update of balls

While playing, you will notice the opponents’ balls disappear and appear in other places of the minigolf course. That happens because the position of the balls is only updated when they are stroken or when they stop.

Note: that happens because the game is not 100% in real time. You only see a close “simulaton” of the moves made by your opponents.

Game controls

  • To move the cue, click on any parts of the screen and drag the mouse along any directions.
  • To shoot, keep the control key pressed to adjust the power of the shot.
  • To bring the camera closer to the ball or move it away, press the keys Page up and Page down

Count of points in the game

The scoring to win the game depends on the number of strokes and the time taken to finish the course.

Points for number of strokes

The player or the players that have the lowest number of strokes score 1000 points. The other players lose 50 points for each stroke in difference.

Example: three players finish a court with 10, 10 and 12 strokes, respectively. The first two score 1000 points; the third one scores 900 points (50 x2 strokes = 100 points less).

Points for time

Just like before, the player that finishes the court before scores 250 points. The others lose 5 points for each second in difference.

Note: the time depends at a great extent on the speed of the computer, so that the players that have slower computers do not have a disadvantage.

Example: a player finishes a court in 30 seconds, and another in 45 seconds. The first will score 250 points and the other will score 175 points (5 x 15 seconds = 75 points less).

Table options

Extra time per court
When a player finishes a court, the other players have a limit of time to manage to finish it that depends on the length and the difficulty of each court. The extra time per court increases this time.
Number of courses
Number of courses in a game. The courses will be selected randomly in each new game.
Collisions between balls
This option allows the minigolf balls to hit each other, except at the moment where the club is raised to stroke. If it is disabled, the balls will cross each other.

Ranking for points

To take part in the leaderboard of this game, it is necessary to be registered and have chips enough to meet the bets.

To score points, the games have to be competitive (indicated by a boxing glove or swords). There is no scoring if 2 players at the table share the same IP.

The scoring that you get depends on the position you are when the game finishes and on the number of opponents.

Scoring for the leaderboard
2 players /
2 pairs
3 players 4 players 5 players 6 players
Winner 10 points 15 points 20 points 25 points 30 points
2nd position -5 points 0 points 5 points 10 points 15 points
3rd position -10 points 0 points 5 points 5 points
4th position -10 points 0 points 0 points
5th position -10 points -5 points
6th position -10 points

If a player leaves the game, the game will continue when there are enough players (at least 2 players or 2 pairs).

  • If the game finishes before completing the 2nd hole, there will not be winners, but the players that left the game can be penalized with 20 points.
  • If the game finishes later, the players that left it will be in the last position and the points will be scored as usual.

Example for 6 players: 4 players leave the game and the others continue playing until the end; the players that left the game lose 10 points; the winner scores 30 points and the second one scores 15 points.

If there is a tie of two or more players, they score the points of the worst position.

For example, on a game with 4 players: if two players tie in the first positions, both score 5 points; the following remains with the same points and the 4th loses 10 points.

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